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Slice Through the Sea in Style, A Guide to Maori Yachts

For those seeking a luxurious yachting experience that combines Italian craftsmanship with innovative design, Maori Yachts deserve a closer look. This prestigious Italian shipyard has carved a niche in the world of superyachts, offering a range of meticulously crafted vessels that redefine on-water living.

A Legacy of Excellence: Italian Expertise Meets Modern Innovation

Founded in Sardinia in 2004, Maori Yachts has steadily risen to prominence in the competitive yachting industry. Their success hinges on a unique blend of traditional Italian boatbuilding techniques and cutting-edge technology. Skilled artisans, steeped in generations of shipbuilding knowledge, meticulously handcraft each yacht using the finest materials. This dedication to detail ensures exceptional quality and timeless elegance in every vessel.

Furthermore, Maori Yachts embrace innovation. They collaborate with renowned naval architects and designers to push the boundaries of yacht design. The result? High-performance vessels that boast sleek, contemporary aesthetics and incorporate the latest advancements in marine technology.

A Fleet for Every Desire: Exploring the Maori Yachts Collection

Maori Yachts caters to a diverse clientele, offering a range of models to suit varying preferences and needs:

  • Custom Yachts: For those who envision a truly bespoke yachting experience, Maori Yachts offers a custom yacht program. Work closely with the design team to create a one-of-a-kind vessel tailored to your specific requirements, from layout and amenities to personalized details that reflect your unique style.
  • Custom Chase Boats and Tenders: Complement your superyacht with a custom chase boat or tender from Maori Yachts. These high-performance vessels are designed to seamlessly integrate with your mothership, providing additional functionality and flexibility for exploring secluded coves, indulging in water sports, or simply tendering guests to and from shore.
  • Pre-Owned Yachts: Maori Yachts offers a selection of pre-owned vessels that have undergone rigorous maintenance and inspection. These immaculately maintained yachts provide a cost-effective way to enter the world of Maori craftsmanship, allowing you to experience the brand’s exceptional quality and performance at a more accessible price point.

Current models in the Maori Yachts collection include:

The Maori 32: Cruise in style aboard this 32-foot beauty featuring twin 350HP outboards, convertible electric tables perfect for dining or sunbathing, and a chic T-Top for added comfort. More details here

The Maori 46: This entry-level model offers a compelling blend of luxury and performance, perfect for weekend getaways or island hopping adventures.
More details here

The Maori 54: This versatile mid-range yacht boasts spacious living areas, ample deck space, and impressive cruising capabilities.
More details here

The Maori 64: Ideal for larger families or groups, this luxurious yacht offers exceptional comfort and amenities without sacrificing performance.
More details here

The Maori 78: A true head-turner, this impressive vessel represents the pinnacle of Maori Yachts’ design and engineering expertise, featuring expansive living areas, multiple decks, and a Jacuzzi for ultimate relaxation.
More details here

The Maori 80: Experience the epitome of luxury on the Maori 80ft Yacht—a masterpiece designed for those who seek the extraordinary. Indulge in the art of customization, where high-end materials and finishes combine to create an interior tailored to your unique taste.
More details here

The Maori 125: crown jewel of the Maori yacht fleet. This awe-inspiring 125-foot (38.20 meter) vessel embodies the brand’s philosophy of marrying Italian craftsmanship with cutting-edge design. Featuring a sleek, contemporary aesthetic and high-performance capabilities, the Maori 125 offers the ultimate luxury of living at sea. More details here

Beyond the Vessel: The Maori Yachts Experience

Owning a Maori Yacht extends beyond simply possessing a luxurious vessel. It’s about becoming part of a discerning community and gaining access to exclusive experiences. Maori Yachts offers a dedicated after-sales service to ensure your yacht remains in top condition and a network of trusted captains and crew to handle all aspects of your yachting journey.

Whether you’re a seasoned sailor or a newcomer to the world of superyachts, Maori Yachts provide a unique opportunity to experience the thrill of yachting in unparalleled style and comfort. With their commitment to quality, innovation, and exceptional service, Maori Yachts guarantees an unforgettable journey across the world’s most breathtaking waters.

Find Your Perfect Maori Yacht with Yachting TV

Maori Yachts redefine luxury yachting. Yachting TV is proud to offer its entire fleet, from the agile Maori 32 to the majestic Maori 125.

Our expert team will help you navigate the Maori Yachts collection to find the perfect vessel for your yachting dreams. Whether it’s island hopping or exploring vast oceans, Maori Yachts offer unparalleled performance and comfort. Contact Yachting TV today and let’s set sail on your bespoke adventure.

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