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MAORI 125 (Direct Delivery 2026)

The Yacht for sale is a 2026 MAORI 125′ 4″ “MAORI 125” MAORI 125 Motor Yacht in Sardara, Sardinia, Italy.

Embark on a journey of sophistication with the Maori 125ft Yacht. Immerse yourself in the allure of Maori craftsmanship, seamlessly integrated with contemporary comfort. Revel in the expansive interiors, flooded with natural light through large windows, creating a sleek and open ambiance. Glide effortlessly across the water, embracing luxury at every turn. Discover the hidden treasures of storage and the convenience of two tenders.

This remarkable 125ft work-of-art, the MAORI 125, boasts hidden storage spaces throughout its structure, even a capacious stern that can store two extra tenders with no fuss. The included cranes simplify the process of moving tenders and toys. Despite the apparent luxury, the design by Marco Ciampa showcases a distinct Maori simplicity, prioritizing comfort with the addition of rich interiors. Sail smoothly over the water, courtesy of the advanced fiberglass infusion hull. Three tiers of large, naturally lit lounging areas, all with panoramic views, contribute to the vessel’s airy, minimalist appeal.

The Maori 125ft yacht is an awe-inspiring testament to luxury, design, and the embodiment of the Maori lifestyle. Standing as the flagship within the Maori fleet, this yacht commands attention both in its imposing size and exceptional design, setting new standards in the world of yacht craftsmanship.

– **Length:** 38.20 meters
– **Beam:** 10.60 meters (Including Fenders)
– **Draught:** 2.35 meters
– **Speed:** 18 knots
– **Weight:** 367 gross tons (gt)

**Design and Construction:**
The 125ft is a striking blend of grandeur and simplicity, a hallmark of Marco Ciampa’s design philosophy. Crafted with the Maori lifestyle in mind, the yacht features a fiberglass infusion hull that not only adds to its imposing appearance but also ensures a smooth glide across the water.

The three spacious floors boast large windows, creating an expansive, open feel throughout the interior. The design maximizes comfort with commodious lounging areas that exude elegance. Despite its intimidating size, the yacht retains a sleek profile that is characteristic of Ciampa’s work.

The Maori 125ft is not just a showpiece; it’s a vessel designed for practicality and functionality. Hidden storage spaces are seamlessly integrated throughout the yacht, including a significant area at the stern capable of accommodating two additional tenders. Two cranes are provided for efficient handling of tenders and water toys, adding to the yacht’s versatility.

**Power and Performance:**
Under the hood, the 125ft is powered by a robust 2 X MAN 1800 hp engineering configuration, ensuring a top speed of 18 knots. With a draught of 2.35 meters, the yacht strikes a balance between speed and stability, providing an exhilarating yet secure cruising experience.

**Comfort and Luxury:**
Experience the Maori lifestyle in every detail. The yacht’s interiors are a testament to luxury, providing a superior way of life. The open layout, coupled with large windows, creates an inviting ambiance that is both sophisticated and relaxing. The interiors are complemented by hidden storage spaces, maintaining a sleek appearance while offering practicality.

BUILT2026BUILDERMAORILENGTH38.2mPRICEPrice on ApplicationBEAM10.6mDRAFT1.37mMAX SPEED18 KnotsCRUISING SPEED14 KnotsCRUISING SPEED30 KnotsCABINS4DISPLACEMENT38270 KgGROSS TONNAGE367.00LOCATIONSardara, Sardinia, ItalyPRICEOn applicationCONTACTsales@yachtingtv.tvShare

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