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MAORI 46 (Direct delivery 2024)

Direct Delivery 2025

The yacht for sale is a 2024 MAORI 46′ “MAORI 46” MAORI 46 Motor Yacht in Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Introducing the Maori 46ft Yacht – a pinnacle of maritime engineering and design. Crafted for discerning clients who demand both performance and opulence, this yacht is fully customizable to meet individual preferences. With an option for an extra sleeping quarter, the Maori 46ft caters to comfort without compromising on style.

The space can be tailored to individual preferences, allowing for the addition of an extra sleeping area if needed. Alternatively, one can choose the 46ft with an outboard version. Retaining the same design as the 54ft model, the 46ft promises an unforgettable sea trial. This vessel serves as a chase boat, featuring a sophisticated interior available in two different layouts.

The deck, tastefully furnished and perfect for relaxation while taking in the surroundings, houses the main cabin designed for maximum comfort.

Personalize your Maori 46 yacht with custom colors to match your style. Stand out on the waves with a vessel that’s uniquely yours.

NOTE – Direct delivery is now offered in Dubai, UAE starting July 2024.

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